It is coming up on 48 hours after yours truly participated in the "Home Run Hitting Contest" put on by the Quincy Gems.  Every place I have gone since the event I have been asked how it went in the competition? I had no idea so many were interested in my role in the event. They would ask "how did you do?", on the outside. On the inside they were probably saying "I'm surprised you are still alive".  Other than one contestant, I was twice the age of all the others. For those interested, I did not make it to the second round. There were 7 contestants with the top four advancing.

We were all eliminated when some guy wearing Q-Bird's Mascot head stepped up to the plate and blasted some monumental shots over the right field wall to make us all look bad. The Commissioner needs to check for steroids!  How he could see in that costume was beyond me? Wow, I just realized I lost to a mascot on 'roids.

As for me, I was the first contestant for the event and got two minutes to hit as many home-runs as I could. I now have an appreciation of what it is like for the major league players to try and swing that hard for that long of a time. It is a good workout to say the least.

The very first pitch thrown to me was up and in (neck high). I guess the pitcher read the scouting report on me ahead of time. In my two minutes I failed to homer, but did hit several sharp line drives and ground balls. If it was an inside-the-park home run contest I might have won it (provided I had a designated runner from home plate). As the elder batsman I felt like I held my own out there.

The best part of the whole thing was for two minutes of my life Sunday night, I felt like I was in my 20's again. Don't ask me how I felt Monday. Actually, Monday wasn't bad at all and if I was hurting I wouldn't tell you anyone because I want to play Tuesday.


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