If you are like me, I am so over this election for the President of the United States. Haven’t we been dealing with this campaign for at least 3 years now? If not, it sure seems like it. The primaries never ended and when we finally got down to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump I couldn’t wait for November 8 to get here and I still can’t wait. These campaigns go on way too long plus the cost of these campaigns is unbelievable.

I did some research late last week and found out the following about the money raised, spent and left in the campaigns of these two candidates.  Here is what I found.  Hillary Clinton has raised $526 million compared to Donald Trump who has raise $182 million. So Clinton has raised almost 3 times as much as Trump.

Clinton has spent $426 million compared to Trump’s spending of $127 million. In the remaining weeks of this exhaustive campaign, Clinton has $101 million left to spend and Trump $56 million.

Are you shaking your head like I am right now? We can’t help our veterans living in the streets of America, and all the food pantries with empty shelves but we can spend nearly three-quarters of a billion (with a B) dollars on a Presidential election.

It’s time to limit the campaign time and the spending involved for our elections in this country. And that’s the way I see it!

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