With the Coronavirus crisis keeping everyone away from each other, people have been home-bound for some 5 weeks now and people are beginning to lose their minds. Worse than that is I feel that cabin fever is setting in.

I’ve noticed the increase in vehicular traffic lately as people are using the automobile to take an excursion around town especially just to get out of the house. I am guilty of that myself. So off I went driving around and I got to 48th and Maine in Quincy and there it was! It was majestic. Glass windows were everywhere. This huge new building was going up at the southeast corner of the intersection.

I could see the building with ease from the intersection, but I wondered what does the back look like. So off I went to find out with a great deal of anticipation of seeing the long paved runways in the back of the building. I had no idea Quincy had moved its airport terminal and runways to the heart of the city. I thought “how did I miss this news?”

When they are done building it, I can see the sign saying “Quincy International Airport”. What happened to Baldwin Field?  Did it move closer to Baldwin School. That would make sense. Again, I thought, “How did I not hear about our new airport at 48th & Maine in Quincy?”

Just then I turned the car around and saw the sign that said future home of the new 80,000 square foot Blessing Health System Medical Office Building. They’re putting a medical office building in our new airport? That’s interesting!

Well, it was time to head back home, the site of where I had apparently lost my mind during this self-imposed isolation. I wonder if cabin fever is worse than the Coronavirus fever?  I think I'll choose the cabin fever!

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