It seems to me that there is a great opportunity for some enterprising person to step up and fill a real void on Valentine’s Day.  While couples all over the world will be celebrating their love for each other with dinners, movie viewing, candy and flowers today, there are plenty of single people wishing this day gets over quickly.

Most singles, divorcees and widows or widowers are looking for something for them to do today as well. Some unattached people are OK with Valentine’s Day and others wish this day never existed as it brings back some memories they wish they could forget.

With that said, why isn’t there a “hangout” for singles only as well? I can’t help but think it would be well attended. It’s too late for planning that this year but Valentine’s Day 2020 sounds like a good starting point for the first ever “Unattached Festival”.

I gave you the idea, so someone needs to step up to the plate and get the ball rolling. With any luck attendees just might not need to go to the “Unattached Festival” in 2021 if you know what I mean!

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