The Y101 Radio Morning Show featured a conversation the other day about drivers who don't let other drivers know of their intention to turn their vehicle. Sarah was talking about the need to do so and I agreed with her. What we didn't agree on was what you call the devise needed to do so. Sarah calls it "Blinkers" and I call it "Turn Signals". From there, the conversation turned to who was right.  Is it "Blinkers" or "Turn Signals"? It didn't end there as Sarah then decided to put on her Facebook page a 6 day poll asking readers to vote for one or the other. Some 150 people (Sarah's Facebook Friends) voted the first day and guess which one had 63% of the vote? "Blinkers". Sure looks like the entire Deien and Quinn family "stuffed" the ballot box to me.

So in the interest of fairness,  I am going to open this discussion up to ALL of the Y101 listener-ship and set up a poll to determine which one it should be, "Blinkers" or "Turn Signals". So please make your selection below!

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