So after weeks of “home-schooling” your children thanks to the Coronvirus, I hear comments like “I had no idea” how difficult it is to teach your children or “I can’t wait” for schools to re-open. I am sure those comments are made from people in the majority, but this virus has had a way of changing the way we do things.  One of those changes is how we go forward teaching our children. I was recently reading an article that mentioned a firm called Real Clear Opinion Research. They conducted a survey of 2,122 parents of a school aged child and it showed that a significant portion of those parents surveyed are more likely now to pursue the home-schooling option or holding a virtual school.

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The results of that poll showed that 40% of those surveyed would rather home-school or virtual school their children than go back to the traditional schools as we know them. With millions of students no longer in their normal educational setting, many people apparently are considering these new options as an education plan for their children in the future.

Are you one of them?


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