Here's a job I would never, ever, ever want ... like, ever. According to Fox 2 in St. Louis, "A couple of workers are going to rappel down the Arch’s legs to check on some stains spotted a few years ago on the stainless steel."

The television channel actually provided live coverage of the workers on top of the Arch from their helicopter, and some of us here in the office were mesmerized (which is a nice way of saying that watching the footage made us dizzy and almost vomit).

Fox 2 said that the experts would be taking samples from approximately 425 feet off the ground. I would be curious to know how exactly someone becomes an "expert" in this procedure. How many gigantic arch-like structures are there that need inspecting on a regular basis?

All kidding aside, these guys are incredible. Still, their job definitely falls under the category of "it's great that there are professionals out there to handle these issues, and it's even more great that I'm not one of them."

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