No animation studio — and maybe no movie studio period — has a reputation for excellence quite like Pixar, thanks to decades of hits like Toy StoryWALL-ERatatouilleUpA Bug’s LifeThe Incredibles, and many more. The company guards the secrets of its success carefully. I’ve been invited to visit their production facilities several times, and each time was confined basically to the main lobby of the main building. It’s an incredibly cool lobby! But everything else remained hidden behind locked doors.

If you’ve ever wanted to get a glimpse behind the scenes of Pixar, you’ll want to check out Inside Pixar, the new non-fiction series coming to Disney+ on Friday. The press release boasts that the series “offers insights into the personal and cinematic stories that provide an inside look into the people, artistry, and culture of Pixar Animation Studios.” Watch the trailer for the series here:

Here’s the show’s official synopsis:

The series consists of four collections with five short stories in each collection, centered around a central theme. The first collection releasing on Friday is “Inspired,” exploring what sparks inspiration and the journey from idea to execution

Inside Pixar premieres on Disney+ on November 13. Pixar’s latest movie, Soul, is bypassing a theatrical release and will instead also premiere on Disney+ on Christmas Day of 2020.

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