You might be rich (or at least richer) and not even know it - yet. The state of Illinois has over 5 billion dollars in unclaimed property, but it's super easy to find out if any of this fortune is yours.

Are you certain that you don't have a long lost relative somewhere in Illinois that might have left you an inheritance? It happens all the time. According to the Illinois State Treasurer's website, the Land of Lincoln possesses more than 5 billion dollars in assets that no one has spoken for.

They have large amounts of cash, jewelry, real estate and even lost medals from military service that have names on them, but no one stepping forward to claim them.

How can you check to see if Illinois has property, cash or other assets that are yours?

It's very easy and takes only seconds to search the Illinois state unclaimed property database to see if you have valuables waiting for you. This is the short form you will see on the Illinois state treasurer's website.

Illinois State Treasurer
Illinois State Treasurer

Since I've lived in Illinois many times in my life, I did a search and it took mere seconds to learn that I am still not rich. (*sad face*) But, perhaps your fortunes (literally) will be better.

Illinois continues to accumulate lost money, jewelry, real estate and other property. You have nothing to lose to check and see if some of it is yours. The state of Illinois says it's already returned more than a billion in assets. Perhaps you will be next.

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