The Illinois State Museum is looking for contributions from Generation X to help with a new exhibit they hope to have up soon.

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"Growing Uo Gen X" will be in the Illinois State Museum-Springfield and will focus on that generation from 1965-1980. So, the museum needs your help. If you grew up in the era and are a Gen Xer, the museum is looking for pop culture items. Walkmans, Trapper Keepers, clothing like Hammer Pants, He-Man and She-Ra figurines (totally had the whole set), early pc's, Nintendo gaming systems, and “D.A.R.E/MADD” paraphernalia. Also, if you have movie stubs, concert stubs, or anything that you think would fit in this new exhibit the museum wants to have them.

If you have any books from that time, rotary telephones (I had three), apparel from that time period, toys, literally anything from 1960-1990 you can donate to this exhibit., I honestly can't wait for this to open and bring my kids too and show them how "it was back then." They always ask me about toys and music from when I was growing up, so this will be cool to bring them to when it opens.

If you would like to donate any items, fill out this form and the museum will be in contact with you. I'll keep you posted on when an official opening date is happening, I will be first in line. This is really exciting! I still wish I had my Cabbage Patch Dolls and Rainbow Brite.

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