It's been a hot minute since I was a teenager, but as an adult seeing teen drivers up and down Broadway this ranking does not surprise me.

I did not learn how to drive in Illinois, but looking over the laws in which a teen must go through to get a driver's license you would think that the state would rank lower in worst drivers, but it does not. WalletHub ranked each state using a collection of 23 key metrics. The data ranges from teen driver fatalities to cost of car repairs due to accidents (including impaired driving). Illinois, out of 50 states, ranks 12th for worst teen drivers.


This really doesn't surprise me, I've teens texting and driving, speeding with the windows down with load music playing, and talking on the phones. Now, I am going to admit, when I was a teen driver, I am sure I did some of these (I didn't have a cell phone back then), but it seems with cell phones accidents and impaired driving have affected the way teens drive.

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The way they have broken down the stats is very interesting. Illinois is ranked number 1 for lowest number of teens DUIs which is a good ranking to have in my opinion. Missouri also makes the list of being one of the worst states for teens to gradate driver licensing program along with Iowa.

Missouri is on the last, but ranked at number 46 out of 50, and Iowa is ranked 30 out of 50. With this new data we will see more tough teen driving law policies? Probably not, it's should be up to the parents to make sure that their teens are well prepared to drive solo after receiving their license. I've got about six more years before I have to worry about having a teen driver, but I am sure those six-years will go fast and I will be a nervous wreck every time my daughter will get behind the wheel.

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