We are as shocked as you are to find out that 5 of the cities on the list of the Best Places to Live in the US in 2022 were cities from the Land of Lincoln. No, Chicago didn't make the list, so which 5 cities did? Read all about it here.

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Liviability.com released a list called Best Places to Live in the US in 2022, they ranked the top 100 cities from Madison (Wisconsin) at number 1, all the way to Beaverton, Oregon at number 100. In between 1 and 100, there are 5 cities from Illinois on the list, which ones are they?

#4  Naperville -

"a diverse cuisine scene, performing arts venues, various shops, family-friendly spaces and a thriving nightlife – meld with small-town magic."

#28 Oak Park -

"Adjacent to Chicago, Oak Park, IL, offers residents an equally fun yet unique lifestyle. The city combines architecture and history with artistic pizazz..."

#37 Downers Grove -

"Residents can’t get enough of the city’s local boutiques, delicious dining and drink options, and more. In addition, residents can enjoy the Tivoli Theatre, a completely restored historic theater built in 1928.."

#52 Evanston -

"The city is home to nine unique business districts, and the downtown area boasts an impressive arts scene, great food and drink options, fun community events, a slew of shops and more..."

#64 Bloomington -

"Like many college towns, the city has diverse cultural offerings, great local boutiques and plenty of restaurants and nightlife options. In addition, residents enjoy amenities including Constitution Trail, more than 60 parks, a large producer-only farmers market and summer fun on Lake Bloomington"

Every single town that made this list from Illinois is a terrific place, I have spent time in all of these towns and I would be absolutely pumped to move and raise a family in any of those places. There are a ton of other great towns that make this list, towns like Portsmouth (New Hampshire), Des Moines (Iowa), and Columbia (Missouri), to see the complete list for yourself click here!

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Keep reading to see if your favorite beach town made the cut.

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