Thanks to an Illinois law (Biometric Information Privacy Act) which allows residents to sue big corporates, some Illinois Facebook users can see $397 hit their banking accounts.

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The law which was passed back in 2008 allows residents of Illinois to sue companies for privacy violations involving fingerprints, retina scans, facial geometry, and similar data, according to Illinois is also the only state, and frankly the only state in the world, that has this law.

So why are people seeing money deposited into their checking accounts? The money is from a settlement made with Facebook when they agreed to pay a settlement from a class-action lawsuit. The lawsuit claimed that Facebook had violated this law by collecting information from Illinois residents without their acknowledgment and permission. In total, the social media giant will be paying out over $600 million to Illinois residents.

In order to receive money from this settlement, you would have needed to file a valid claim under the settlement and have lived in Illinois for 6 months. The deadline to file a claim was back in November 2020. Looks like I won't be getting any money, darn it, but some Illinois residents who did file a claim are already seeing money hit their accounts.

If you don't remember if you filed a claim you can contact the Settlement Admin at 1-844-799-2417.

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