With the announcement that Toys R Us and Babies R Us stores would be closing, many soon-to-be parents (including me) are left wondering what is going to happen with their Babies R Us registries.

My wife and I are expecting twin boys in June and just opened a Babies R Us registry over the weekend while visiting family in Northern Illinois. They had some great offers and discounts available, so we figured this would be a good opportunity to save a few bucks. You can imagine our disappointment when we woke up to the news on Thursday morning that all stores would be closing in the coming weeks.

Our registry is still live, but according to an article on people.com, it won’t be for long. The article specifies that registries and other rewards programs “will only be in use for the next couple of weeks”.

Well, crap.

My parents stopped in their local Babies R Us on Thursday night to check some items off the registry before the stores close up shop for good. A few of the discounts were no longer accepted and while no liquidation sales were going on yet, a store rep told them that certain special order items could still be ordered, but the option to return could not be guaranteed. So if the thing is broke or missing parts or not what you ordered or whatever, you might be out of luck. Maybe worth it on some basic necessities, but with that provision, I’d advise against rolling the dice on any big ticket items at this point. And it’s unclear how long special orders will continue to be available. Everything’s still kind of up in the air on that front.

While we’ll be looking elsewhere for some of the higher priced stuff, we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for any upcoming liquidation sales for the rest…we’re gonna need a lot of diapers!

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