There are funny pranks and those that are just plain cruel. This one, where a husband convinces his wife that they’re about to be creamed by a semi truck in a head-on collision, is definitely more the latter. Hey, this could be grounds for divorce, buddy.

While on the way to the airport to pick up his wife’s family, the husband spies a truck being towed in front of them. So, he decides to prank his sleeping wife by making her believe they’re about to be part of a terrible accident.

He speeds up despite protest from his children in the back seat (way to traumatize your kids, dad) and wakes his wife with a shout as the truck looms over them. Needless to say, the woman wakes up screaming, then later takes her frustrations on the goofball husband with several well-placed punches.

Certainly it’s a justified reaction. But as far as we’re concerned, she didn’t hit him nearly hard enough.

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