At the risk of leaving myself open to even more criticism, I wanted everyone to know that today is "National Big Wind Day". Let the comments begin.

This day has nothing to do with what I believe you are thinking. If you are thinking it is a day to recognize radio announcers you would be incorrect. Actually, this is the day that we observe to remember the highest natural gust of wind ever recorded on the Earth's surface.

This event took place at Mount Washington (elevation 6,288 feet) in North Conway, New Hampshire on April 12, 1934. It was recorded at the Mount Washington Observatory. The wind-speed recorded that day was 231 miles an hour.

I can’t even imagine how bad those winds were. I do remember the 75-80 miles per hour winds Quincy sustained a few years ago in that huge wind storm that raced through the area and caused so much damage.

By the way, the 231 mph wind gust is somewhat faster than any radio guy or gal I know talks, including me.


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