So sitting around and being isolated as we all seem to be these days makes one think about the things they appreciate and miss.  Such was the case yesterday when I had some time on my hands (big surprise) and jotted down my top ten list of things I miss because of the Coronavirus pandemic. They are listed below.

Top-10 Things the Big Dog Misses During This Pandemic

10..Getting my taxes done by April 15 (date has been extended).

9....Saying, "I've been here long enough.  It is time to go home"

8....I miss complaining to Dish Network that I can't get the Blues or Cardinal games

7....I miss getting my colonoscopy which is due

6....I miss going shopping (this is a stretch for me)

5....I miss standing and waiting for a seat at my favorite restaurant

4....I miss trying to cross Broadway in Quincy

3....I miss slowing down in school zones

2....I miss people tailgating me while driving

1....I miss those Buffalo Gnats (I wonder if they carried the Coronavirus?)

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