So far our winter has been quite mild especially this week with temperatures in the 50's and 60's, but you know that will change before too long. When it does your electric and gas bills will be climbing. With that in mind, the United States Department of Energy has posted ten "Quick Tips" to avoid high winter bills. Those ten tips are listed below!

1.  Seal air leaks and insulate your home to keep heat in and the cold out of your home.

2.  Reduce waste heat by installing a programmable thermostat.

3.  Turn off your lights when not in use.

4.  Lower your water heater temperature.

5.  Unplug electronics like kitchen appliances and TVs when you are away.

6.  Open blinds and curtains during the day to allow sunlight to warm your home.

7.  Close your blinds and curtains at night to keep cold drafty air out.

8.  Use power strips for multiple appliances and turn off the main switch when away.

9.  Wash clothes in cold water and use cold-water detergent when possible.

10. Replace incandescent light bulbs with LEDs which use less energy.

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