One of the most important decisions new parents need to make is selecting the name of their new born child. Many select names involving family members and others go outside of the family for a name selection. As we move into the early stages of a new year, lists become available for a variety of things included the list of the most popular names for the previous year.

According to the top name for girls from 2018 is Sophia with Jackson headlining the list of boy's names from last year.  In case you were wondering about the top 10 names for each gender, here they are.


1. Sophia

2. Olivia

3.  Emma

4.  Ava

5.  Isabella

6.  Aria

7.  Riley

8.  Amelia

9.  Mia




2. Liam

3. Noah

4. Aiden

5. Caden

6. Grayson

7. Lucas

8. Mason

9. Oliver

10. Elijah

The U.S. Government's official list of baby names for 2018 will not be available until a few months from now.

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