Thanksgiving is two weeks away. Which means we're also two weeks away from Black Friday. Even thought it's still two weeks away, two California women are in line at a Best Buy in Beaumont,California just to get a great deal on a television.

Let me ask you this, if you really, really, really wanted a television, what would you do to get it? These two ladies in California are on a quest to wait weeks for a TV. Yes, they are camping out and yes, they are the first in line. Can you imagine what three weeks will be like camping out at a Best Buy?.

Now the TV people have got their nose into it and they will be out to the Best Buy every day checking up on the two ladies and getting sound bites from them. Do you think people will come by and give them food and drink? It could happen. All I have to say is I hope that is the greatest TV ever!

Best Buy
Spencer Platt, Getty Images

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