I recently had the pleasure of being contacted by Britney Buckwalter, a Psychic Medium from the Hannibal area. She is hosting a paranormal story-telling fund-raising event on October 26, and asked if I would be interested in telling some of my own experiences.

Britney was born in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. She moved to Missouri as a child and has lived in Philadelphia, Palmyra and Hannibal.

She has been “pulled to the witchy side of things” since she was a child. When Britney was ten-years-old, she walked to the local library and checked out a book about the Salem witch trials. For nearly two years she renewed the book continuously.

Three years later in Social Studies class while studying the Salem witch trials, she remembered the book and could write down the names of 16 of the 19 individuals hanged for witchcraft.

Although she felt the need to visit Salem the entire time she was growing up, she wanted to be “normal” and put that part of her aside for a while to enjoy the same interests as her friends including boys and pageants.

Britney did do tarot card readings for several years, but it was mostly just for fun.

At the age of 25, she could wait no longer. The time had come for her to visit Salem. From the moment she arrived, she felt a “spine-tingling embrace” and she knew she was home.

She visited a psychic in the Salem area, who told her she had been there before in another life. He said she was very similar now to who she had been then. After a little research, Britney determined that she had been Bridget Bishop, the first person to be hanged for witchcraft in Salem.

Initially, it was difficult for Britney to talk about her abilities with family and friends. By the age of 28, Britney understood that everything was “coming together as the psychic in Salem had said.”

Britney is now 29 and currently works as a professional evidential medium, intuitive psychic, spiritual guidance counselor, advanced certified professional Angel Card Reader and in many other areas.

It was obvious after only talking with Britney for a few minutes that her desire to help others gave her the strength and courage to overcome her inhibitions and begin to use her gift as she was meant to do.

I asked Britney what a session or reading is like. “There is often just as many laughs as there are tears. The whole point of this is to bring through evidence that sparks subtle memories. It is through this process that many experience confirmation that their loved one is still with them in spirit. Others receive much needed answers that allow them to move forward within the grieving process.”

Britney said that some spirits are easier to communicate with than others. If a loved one was a quiet soul in life, he or she might also be “very much the same way on the other side.”

Britney often sees initials or numbers that lead to important dates or even names of loved ones.

“Often, they make me feel the type of personality they had, allowing me to bring that through for their family which seems to be most comforting,” said Britney. “It’s really a beautiful process and no reading is ever the same. Most people say they walk away feeling at peace.

The True American Ghost Story Concert takes place at 600 Hampshire St. in Quincy on October 26 at 8 p.m. Britney Buckwalter will host the evening of true ghost stories related by local paranormal researchers and eyewitnesses including Chris Dolbeare, Michael Gaines and Deena West Budd.

All the money from the ticket sales will be used to help Shannon and Jeff Zanger of Quincy in their attempt to adopt two Haitian children. For more information, go to https://www.facebook.com/events/150033682269848/.

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