Forget the cost it would take for you to go to Africa and experience a safari. Just take the short drive to the Aikman Wildlife Adventure Park in Arcola, Illinois.

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The Aikman Wildlife Adventure Park gives you a chance to get up close and personal with animals you will see at a zoo, but this park lets your drive-thru and gives you a chance to take photos of animals right from your vehicle. The drive is about a mile long, but you will see Zedonks (a hybrid between a donkey and zebra), Zebus (domestic cattle native to South Asia), and Watusi (also known as Ankole Longhorn), Water Buffalo, and more.

The park's goal is to maintain a family-friendly environment where everyone can learn and have fun through interaction with the animals they have at the park. After the drive-thru experience, you can then take a walk thru the rest of the park and see the other animals where you’ll see peacocks, hyenas, wolfdogs, lemurs, and much more, including our large Petting Zoo area.

The park is located between Arthur and Arcola and about 3 hours away from the Tri-States. Onlyinyourstate calls this park a one-of-a-kind experience where you will be able to see exotic animals roam free and not have fences or glass in your way to see, and it saves you a ton of money on traveling.

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