As we draw ever closer to the Season 8 premiere of Game of Thrones, HBO is supplying a steady stream of teases to remain totally excited about. Today there are 20 (count ’em, 20!) new posters featuring the full cast of characters from Westeros.

From Arya to Tyrion, here they all are (the Night King one’s our personal favorite):

Also, if the soul-crushing bleakness of social media hasn’t gotten you to throw your computer into the ocean and live in a yurt in the mountains yet, good news! There’s now a whole bunch of fun custom emoji on Twitter for the various Game of Thrones characters. Each of the following has their own fun custom art that will help ease the eye-blinding pain of scrolling through that hellscape of a website:

  • #DaenerysTargaryen
  • #JonSnow
  • #NightKing
  • #CerseiLannister
  • #AryaStark
  • #JaimeLannister
  • #TyrionLannister
  • #SansaStark
  • #BranStark
  • #BrienneOfTarth
  • #DavosSeaworth
  • #EuronGreyjoy
  • #JorahMormont
  • #Greyworm
  • #Melisandre
  • #Missandei
  • #SamwellTarly
  • #TheonGreyjoy
  • #Varys
  • #TheHound

Game of Thrones Season 8 premieres on HBO on April 14, 2019 at 9PM eastern.

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