They will be scared and they won’t be able to tell you so please be aware that dogs maybe as faithful as you are to your country, but they are petrified of fireworks.  So on this Fourth of July please keep them in mind and provide them a secure place away from the noise of fireworks going off.  In past experience, the fifth of July has always been a busy day reading “lost dog” announcements on the radio following a night of fireworks.  Hopefully, that won’t be the case this Wednesday morning. If you should happen to have a pet that runs off because of the extreme noise remember to contact the authorities in an effort to get them back.

People who find dogs will call to let the police department or animal warden know they have someone’s pet.  The number to call if you live in the Quincy city limits is 222-9360 or 228-4470.  If you live in the county call 277-2145 or 222-2133. The Quincy Animal Shelter is another number to dial at 277-8000. Facebook is another avenue to utilize by going to the Lost & Found page on Facebook.

To be on the safe side, the best option to keeping or finding your dog is to have your pet ”micro-chipped”. Too late for the Fourth of July, but something to think about and it is relatively inexpensive.  For information regarding “micro-chipping” your pet, contact the Quincy Humane Society .


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