Your final chance to enjoy lunch with the Mayor of Quincy is coming up soon. Quincy City Hall has announced that the third and final Lunch in The Park with Quincy Mayor Kyle Moore for 2018 with be held on Tuesday, August 21, at 12 noon. 

The lunch follows previous lunches held on June 19 and July 24 by the Mayor with the public and will last one hour each.  This lunch, like the previous two, will be held at Washington Park at 5th and Maine in Quincy. Washington Park will be a busy place that day as The Farmer's Market will also take place that morning.

If you are planning on attending you are encouraged to bring your lunch with you or purchase a to-go order from one of the many eating establishments near the park in The District. The Quincy Park District will provide picnic tables for your use.

 The object of the Lunch in The Park events is to provide a forum for citizens to spend some time with the Mayor and present to him your thoughts and concerns. The Mayor will try to answer as many questions as he can and if not, you can make an appointment for a later date with the Mayor by calling 229-4545.

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