It's reportedly the largest amount of unclaimed property ever and it was just given to the family of an Illinois man who had over $11 million dollars in assets.

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I saw this news of mega-inheritance shared on Yahoo News. It's a share of a news report from CBS Chicago who said that Joseph Richard Stancak of Chicago had left $11 million dollars behind after his death in 2016. Now, the state treasurer says he's found Joseph's family. 119 heirs will now share in a massive inheritance that was unclaimed...until now.

The tally includes life insurance benefits, investment accounts, property and safe deposit boxes. CBS Chicago reports that while much of Joseph's family is in Poland and Slovakia, there are seven who still live in Illinois. Seven people who are now wealthy beyond their wildest dreams...well maybe slightly less after taxes.

To date, this was reportedly the largest single amount of unclaimed property. Now, it's claimed that Joseph Richard Stancak's family can benefit from what he earned during his lifetime.

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