Few cities in America provide a free clean-up service like Quincy does. That service is the annual City Wide Clean-up.

The City of Quincy, in conjunction with Republic Services, Inc., will conduct the annual city-wide cleanup on Saturday, September 29. The hours of operation will be from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The City will collect items from everyone who is past the intersection of 4th and Payson by 4 p.m. or they will be turned away.

The City of Quincy offers this opportunity to assist residents in disposing of unwanted items that are not typically collected with weekly residential service. The city wide cleanup will once again take place at the lot on Front and Delaware Streets.

To access the disposal site, residents will need to use Payson Avenue at Sixth Street and head west to Front Street. Residents will be required to show proof of address to gain access to the disposal area.

This event is designed to help residents dispose of unwanted items, however, certain items cannot be accepted due to Federal, State or Local regulations. The attached list below shows the restricted items that cannot be accepted.

Any Type of Free Flowing Liquid

Any Type of Poison

Any Type of Yard Waste

Any Type of Appliance still containing Freon

Any Type of Battery

Any Type of Medical Waste

Any Type of Tire

Any Type of Creosoted Treated Wood

Any Type of Fuel Tank

Any type of Electrical Equipment or Component

Any Type of Material or Item That Could Injure Employees, Damage Equipment or Harm the Environment

Based on past history, more than 400 tons – or nearly to 250 loads – of discarded waste will be hauled off and approximately 2,000 vehicles will go through the site during this 10-hour event, requiring more than 60 employees and 35 pieces of equipment to complete the job.

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