Ok, this is me with my grumpy pants on.  Perhaps it is because there are fewer things for people to do these days and I am concentrating more than usual, but it seems like almost every commercial I see or hear has the words “We are all in this together”.  Really? Enough already!!!!  How can we all be in this together if we are all isolated from each other?  Either we are all together or we are not. If we were all together then we would be violating the “social distancing” requirements of the CDC.

Apparently, some Madison Avenue advertising/marketing genius thought the line applies to our current times for all people.  As I write this I am hearing a radio commercial basically saying “stay safe, wash your hands and follow the CDC guide-lines of social distancing because we are all in this together”.  Enough already!!!!

If I were to be that advertising/marketing genius, I would show that video from the movie “Network” where the guy goes to the open window and shouts “Coronavirus…I am as mad as hell and I am not gonna take this anymore”  (sorry, I added the word Coronavirus).  Enough already!!!!  (Week 6 day 5...can you tell?)


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