You can look at this as a good thing or a bad thing. Missouri has lots of missile silos that still have nuclear-tipped rockets in them. Missouri also has many silos that are now abandoned and have been converted into homes and that's what HGTV just featured although it's technically not within Missouri's borders. It's not far away.

One of the more entertaining new shows on HGTV is Zillow Gone Wild hosted by Jack Mcbrayer. He just visited this doomsday missile silo which is in a secret location which I can't divulge for obvious reasons. Spoiler Alert - it's just across the Missouri border in the direction of Nebraska. There's a reason why this is trending on Digg.

HGTV Features Doomsday Missile Silo Home Not Far From Missouri

Gallery Credit: HGTV via YouTube

According to what the current owner said on the video walkthrough, this not-quite-Missouri-but-close missile silo is available for a cool $750,000. That's a lot of coin, but this is the end of days survival we're talking about.

It seems like this new addition to HGTV might be worth adding to your DVR list if you're interested in weird homes like this one.

Missouri Doomsday Bunker Near Kansas City Plunges Down 3 Stories

Gallery Credit: Atlas Survival Shelters via YouTube

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