Snow Days could be a thing of the past with remote learning in place in school districts.

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If anything has been learned this school year is that technology is our friend, and with the help of apps and internet students are able to now learn from home during a pandemic and now possible weather. So, I ask, does that mean the end of snow days?

With the capability of now learning from home, when bad weather hits the Tri-State is there a reason to still have "days off" due to harsh conditions? Some may say that it’s not fair, that not ALL children have access to computers and internet. Some may say continue with the learning as teachers are now well prepared to teach through a computer screen.

No learning remotely is not the same, but at least there is learning being done even on days that students can’t make it to school. This could be an option for students and parents who don’t want to drive, or have their student drive in hazardous conditions, but still be able to learn remotely and get credit for that day.

Now, I am sure that there are going to be several factors that lead to official snow days still happening. Teachers not be able to go to their classrooms, not having the bandwidth to teach from home, and parents not being able to stay at home with their students due to work obligations.  There are so many options now, and due to this pandemic that we are in we have learned that there are always options for students to continue learning whether they are home or in person.

We will all just have to wait and see what happens this school year as we are all just taking it day by day. If not this year, I could see school implementing learning from home on snow days in the future.

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