Having been around here for a while I have had the opportunity and pleasure to listen to some very talented local bands over the years. That is a tribute to the local music programs that the schools provide in this area in that they turn out so many wonderful musicians. These young people, and in some cases older people now, show their love of music with each performance they are a part of. It got me to thinking about the many local bands that have played around the area entertaining us mostly on Friday and Saturday nights over the years.

These bands, going back to Little Ronnie' and Black Tie to Black Top South, Madd Hoss Jackson, and Raised on Radio, have been a big part of the Hannibal-Quincy area music scene over the years.

I have just touched the tip of the iceberg as far as all the local bands that have played in the area. Since I touched on just the tip of the iceberg, why don't you fill me in on the rest of the iceberg by mentioning some of the other local bands that played in the area.

This should be quite a list!

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