It's summertime and with it comes numerous miles of travel for vacations or other reasons. Around here I see a lot of mention of "heading to St. Louis" to go to a Cardinals game at Busch Stadium. In driving there, once I get to Wentzville, I always am perplexed as to which highway I should take to get downtown. Do I take Highway 40 into the city or drive downtown on I-70?  The time of day and the possible construction factors into my decision,

Lately, I've been favoring I-70 and taking the Metro-Link Train downtown. It is much more relaxing and there are no traffic backups either. Sometimes though the train isn't convenient depending on where I am going in St. Louis. At those times it's decision time again.

So when you head to downtown St. Louis to the ballgame, which highway do you normally take into the Gateway City?  I-70 or Highway 40?

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