In another few weeks the 2018-19 School season will begin and with it will be thousands of kids heading to the bus stops to catch the school bus to school.Nationwide, some 23 million students will ride the yellow bus to school. That doesn't happen though without school bus drivers. .

Unfortunately Quincy School District 172 is one of those districts in need. The District for the past several years has been actively looking for new drivers. For the person behind the wheel, the responsibilities are great and don’t just involve the driving of the bus.

It is a part time position and you don't need any experience to apply. Dan Bartelt, the School Bus Driver Training Director for District 172, will train all prospective applicants.  For many of the current drivers this year will be different for them as well in that there are 3 new schools this year. With those schools will come several new routes to accommodate the new school locations.

If interested or if you if you would like more information, contact the Transportation Office at 224-5910 or go to

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