Thank you to everyone who joined us for Y101 Night at the Gems game! We all had a blast and the Gems had us on the edge of our seats right up to the end with a walk-off bases loaded walk against Danville!

But one very important question remains. Those of you that arrived early got to see our buddy Dennis Oliver throw out the ceremonial first pitch to Jeff "The Big Dog" Dorsey. While the pitch wasn't quite over the plate, I have to hand it to D.O. He didn't bounce it and he didn't sail it ten feet over Dorsey's head. Nonetheless, the ball skipped its way to the backstop.

So was this a wild pitch? Or a passed ball? In other words, was the misplay on the fault of the pitcher, D.O. (wild pitch)? Or the catcher, The Big Dog (passed ball)? Announcer Bill Shuler called a passed ball, but the debate in our left field bleachers pretty much continued for the rest of the game.

So we're leaving it up to you. Check out the video and let us know what you think.

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