One month from today the Quincy Exchange Club will set up their annual "Field of Honor" flags. This year's "Field of Honor" will be held once again at Madison Park in Quincy from November 9 through 12.

There will be 1000 American Flags set up in the park for people to stop by, take pictures and enjoy the display during the Veteran's Day weekend. During the year those 1000 flags are available to "rent" during four different holidays.

For $30 you can have a flag setup in the morning and taken down early in the evening on your property for Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day and Labor Day.  In doing so you will help raise money for the Exchange Club’s various projects throughout the year.

To sign up for one of the "Field of Honor" flags to be placed on your property 4 times a year, go to and sign up. You can also signup during the "Field of Honor" display in November at Madison Park.

In previous years, the "Field of Honor" has been set up at the Illinois Veteran's Home and at John Wood Community College.

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