There’s usually a thick blanket of anxiety that sweeps over contestants and audience members alike when the results portion of the show comes about. Nobody likes seeing their favorites go home, but in this particular results episode of ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ we’re seeing a double elimination. Ouch. Not fun.

It begins once again with the judges choosing their favorite pair of dancers from the night before and having them perform an “encore” of their routine. The trio that was selected to grace the dance floor first was Donald Driver, Peta Murgatroyd and Karina Smirnoff. If you want to take a look at their dance, check out the original performance here.

Once the fun dance was over, it was time to get back down to elimination business. They recap Donald’s wonderful time with Peta, which includes him falling out of his chair because gravity apparently doesn’t always cooperate with Donald. Katherine Jenkins talked about her slight wardrobe malfunction that took place at one point during her trio dance, but since she persevered it gave them the extra points. The trio was absolutely ecstatic about it, squealing/screaming in unison like a group of school girls.

The first elimination comes, and thankfully Donald and Peta are safe. Unfortunately Katherine and Mark Ballas are in jeopardy, but thankfully they weren’t eliminated right off the bat. They’re too good of dancers to get that kind of treatment.

Then we’re treated to Dance Center, basically the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ equivalent of ESPN’s Sports Center which included Kenny Mayne, Jerry Rice and Len Goodman. The segment, which was spread out through the duration of the broadcast, basically pointed out the dancer’s silly strengths and weaknesses which includes William Levy being absolutely perfect in practically everything and Donald Driver’s ability to fall down a lot no matter what.

‘Dancing with the Stars’ then treats us to a song, “Turn Up The Music” to be exact, sung by Chris Brown. Check out the performance of his latest single below.

It’s time for round two of the eliminations, the second group being Roshon and Chelsie against William and Cheryl. Sadly America voted for the muscle rather than the cute face of Roshon as he gets eliminated right away. It’s a shame to see good talent go, but they had a great run.

The audience is presented with yet another performance, but this time it’s in the memory of Dick Clark who passed away this last month. The Macy’s Stars of Dance show off their moves on the dance floor in a tribute to his ever-famous American Bandstand. Take a look at the performance below.

Then we’re treated to yet another sexy Rumba. Hey, it doesn’t hurt seeing another dance. After all, this is a dance show.

We’re given our last dose of recaps on Melissa and Makism from last night’s dance. Melissa doesn’t seem the most happy when she’s on the dance floor, cussing it up a bit, but still she’s satisfied with what she’s been able to dish out. Maria and Derek – on the other hand – seem to be having a ball no matter what. Sadly, Melissa and Maksim are sent home. What makes their elimination worse is the fact that it’s Melissa’s birthday. Here’s hoping that the producers of the show showered her with dozens upon dozens of roses and awesome dance outfits for her to wear. Happy Birthday Melissa!

Now we’re just days away from the Semi-Finals of ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ Who would you like to see win out of the four couples? Make sure you cast your votes and watch the show from this point on to make sure that your favorite couple makes the cut.

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