BREAKING: Lovelace's bond has been reduced from $5 million to $3.5 million and he will soon be out of jail (under home confinement) as he awaits the next trial in October. Friends of Lovelace have agreed to post the required ten percent of the bond ($350,000).

Original Post: There’s a hearing in Cass County Circuit Court this afternoon that could result in Curtis Lovelace getting out of jail for the first time in nearly two years. Judge Bob Hardwick is expected to rule on a motion to reduce Lovelace’s bond from $5 million to $3.5 million. Prosecutors have already stated they would not oppose the motion, on the condition that Lovelace be confined to his home, except to attend church with his family on Sundays.

Lovelace is accused of killing his first wife, Corey Lovelace, in 2006. His first trial ended in a hung jury in February.

The retrial has been set for July 25th, but could be pushed back to October.

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