Vending machines are becoming more then just grabbing a snack and drink, there is a new use for them during this COVID-19 pandemic.

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If you are traveling and using the St. Louis airport you will probably see their nee Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) vending machines, which are a new safe way to get a mask when traveling, and if they become popular might even be seen here in the Tri-States.

The new PPE machines are being placed throughout the airport for passengers to get a mask (which must be worn at all times on a plane) for those who may have forgotten them. If these new PPE machines become popular (which I can see that happening) we could see some coming to the Tri-States.

Maybe in places like the Quincy Mall, The Oakley-Lindsey Center, even Walmart, to encourage people to wear masks when asked too (which right know is everywhere). The vending machines are described as being,

"a safe and secure way of purchasing these necessary products while one travels."

It seems simples and safe to use the machines as well. According to

Contactless payment options are available at both PPE vending machines to make purchases. The machines will also have anti-microbial shields that eliminates germs on the machines’ surface for three to four months before replacement. Both venders’ PPE vending machines are also ADA compliant. 

Right now these new vending machines are placed throughout Lambert Airport, but if they do a lot of business I can see them spreading throughout the country and even having a few places here in the Tri-States. 

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