There has always been a niche for comic book fans, but with the explosion of super hero movies, comic mania has gone mainstream. In April, Hannibal will cash in on the craze.

The Big River Comic Convention is slated for Saturday, April 13th at the Admiral Coontz Recreation Center. Organizers just announced one of the featured guests will be actor Bishop Stevens, Stevens has appeared in hit TV shows such as Chicago P.D. and Empire. And he will be the lead in the upcoming prologue movie and made-for-TV series, "The Steampunk Adventures of Salem Tusk", based on the Marvel comic series by the same name.

The Comic Con in Hannibal features much more than comic books of yesteryear. You'll also find toys, cosplay, sci-fi and fantasy themes, anime and gaming. To find out more or to join the conversation, check out the Big River Comic Con Facebook page.

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