I do not know what to take from the firing of QHS basketball coach Sean Taylor.

Is it about money? Is it about the right kids playing on the court during QHS basketball games? Is it about the actions of the school board? Is the board just tired of Coach Taylor? Does the school board already have a person in mind for the job?

Yes, there will be parents who do not think their son or daughter is getting enough playing time. I was there once. I did my time on the bench. Right now, there are no clear minds on this. People are just, well, mad.

Quincy is not the only town in the area where people are mad. In Barry, Illinois, the school board just got rid of the ag and band departments. It would seem you would need an ag department when you are in the middle of Pike County, Illinois, one of the biggest rural areas in the Midwest.

The band department was a favorite of everyone in Barry. But what will happen now when, in the fall, the Barry Apple Festival holds its annual band parade? Bands from all over march in that parade. It is a big deal.

Back in the day, Bob Dylan wrote a song called "The Times, They Are a Changin." True.

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