Criminal charges against Julia Crider, Stefan Crider III and  will no longer be pursued by the Adams County State’s Attorney’s Office after extensive consultation with the victim’s family members and with the Quincy Police Department.

In a news release from the Adams County State's Attorney's Office, State’s Attorney Gary Farha stated that “This determination is the result of the consideration of the emotional toll another jury trial would inflict on the victim’s family and of the previously obtained conviction by the Adams County State’s Attorney’s Office against Steson Crider, who is now serving a 65 year sentence for first degree murder.

Further, based on the Illinois Legislature’s recent changes in sentencing guidelines, attaining a prison sentence for an offense of obstructing justice, is exceptionally unlikely.”

It is important to reiterate that the victim’s family is in full agreement with this course of action.  The victim’s family does not believe that pursuing the criminal charges further would serve to advance the legacy of Rayshone Humphrey Jr.

Rayshone’s family seeks to move forward in their work to promote a culture of peace and tolerance in Adams County and Quincy, Illinois.  The Humphrey family feels that the focus and energy of the community should be on honoring the memory of Rayshone.

The Adams County State’s Attorney’s Office remains dedicated to ensuring that victims of crime and their families always have a strong voice in the pursuit of justice and this decision recognizes that voice.

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