His name is Christopher John Carpenter.  He’s from Exeter, New Hampshire.  He’s 6’6 and weighs 230 pounds and he pitched for the St. Louis Cardinals.  His teammates simply call him “Carp”. 

Next to Bob Gibson,  you would be hard pressed to find a more competitive pitcher than Chris Carpenter.  Unfortunately, despite all of his strength, it’s a nerve in his arm that will keep him from playing this season and perhaps ending his career as well.

For Cardinal fans, this is hard to swallow.  Two years ago they lost Adam Wainwright, last year it was Albert Pujols as well as Carpenter for most of the season and now this news about Carpenter again.  Cardinal fans may have also forgotten the Jaime Garcia left last year’s playoff game with an injury as well.

Perhaps the Redbirds might take another look at signing Kyle Lohse.  Looks like they might need him.

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