I've listened to this mysterious animal sound and can't quite figure out what it is. Someone shared a short video they captured at night. See if you can figure out what animal is making night sounds.

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You need to pay special attention to the sound at the very end of this video. There are 3 distinct sounds/calls. They don't say what part of Missouri this was recorded in, just that it was from the "Missouri woods". I'll share my guess in a little bit, but listen first and see what you think.

I think this might be an owl, but it's just strange enough that I'm not 100% willing to commit to that. Here are some different species of owls. I can't find a match.

I still believe that owl is the most likely bird making the sound heard in Missouri. They're nocturnal, so that aspect fits. If this part of Missouri is as rural as I think, probably a barn owl that thrives when the sun goes down.

I know there's almost an automatic "it's Bigfoot" response when strange sounds are shared from the Missouri woods, but in this case I think it's a bird. Oh, wait. Maybe it's Bigfoot's pet owl. Let's go with that.

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