There is nothing better then going to a fair and seeing the white "Dottie's #1 Ozark Funnel Cakes" trailer. If you haven't tasted the sweet deliciousness of a Dottie's #1 Ozark Funnel Cake, you, my friend, are missing out.

Simply put, Dottie's Funnel Cakes are the best thing to ever come out of Lewis County. Why are they so delicious? They are cooked perfectly; not too soggy and not over cooked and crispy. They're cooked 100 percent perfectly.

If you happen to see Dottie's Funnel Cakes, try one of every topping she has. Powered sugar is my number one favorite, but she also has a caramel topping and a turtle topping (with caramel, chocolate and pecans). And the best part about a Dottie's Funnel Cake is that you don't have to carry the guilt while eating it because anything that good is absolutely worth the calories.

I already had my one funnel cake...okay fine, TWO funnel cakes this year and I'm hitting up the Marion County Fair again this weekend so I might not be done just yet. Follow Dottie's #1 Ozark Funnel Cakes on Facebook to find out where they will be next.

Dottie's Ozark Funnel Cake

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