Ever wanted to get away to an island but really couldn't afford it? Well now you can.

In a small town along the Rock River in Oregon, Illinois you will find an island for sale with not one but two cabins on it. Listed for just $200,000 the little island is the perfect 5-acre total seclusion needed to just escape from the world. 

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One of the cabins has a full kitchen, living space and 2-bedrooms and 1-bathroom. The other cabin is a little smaller with just one bedroom and small kitchen space. The boat dock and all the furnishing come with the cabins (which the bigger one has recently been updated). Talk about a perfect unplugged weekend away.

No neighbors, loud tenants in a hotel, just you, water, a cold drink and all the fishing you can image. It's your own personal island getaway. I can't even image what it would be like to just be at a location where there's no noise, just the sounds of the river in your front yard and birds, it really sounds amazing, And for $200,000, please that's nothing and it's right here in Illinois. So, you could use this island for a weekend getaway, build another cabin, I mean it's an island in Illinois. 

Whoever buys this will be one lucky land owner, and maybe will turn it into an Airbnb and share it with people from all over.

Buy Your Own Personal Island in Illinois

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