Two years ago, the Bayview Bridge lighting ceremony in Quincy was quite a sight to see. Thousands of people were on hand to witness the colors being turned on during a fireworks display which took place as well. This writing though is not about the bridge lighting, but it is about the fireworks.

While being on the riverfront and watching the proceedings, I could not help but flashback to my thoughts about the fireworks needing to return to the Quincy riverfront. Well twenty-four months have passed and nothing has changed my mind about the topic.

This city's heritage is the Mississippi River and that is where the Independence Day fireworks display should be held again. Nothing against the Illinois Veteran's Home, but the history of Quincy's involvement with the Mississippi River is monumental. The city officials for years have wanted to further develop the riverfront. The more events held on the riverfront will make it more attractive to both commercial and residential investors.

The decision makers involved with this year's Fourth of July fireworks display have again decided it should be held at the Illinois Veteran's Home in Quincy. As I did last year, I hope again that next year they would reconsider the location and return it to the riverfront for 2018.  Fireworks over the river are impressive. Fireworks over the river with a lighted bridge are even more impressive. How many cities in this country would die to be located on the Mississippi River and have a firework's display there?

If you want Quincy to flourish in the future, it begins with utilizing the Mississippi River. So what do you think? Where do you want to see fireworks in Quincy next year?


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