It’s hard to believe 2019 is already halfway done. We’re only six months away from 2020. 2020! We’re only six months from best of the decade lists. Oh god, I just had eight simultaneous heart attacks.

At the midway point, 2019 has been ... not all that great for movies, if we’re being completely honest. The summer is off to a very slow start, and some of the year’s most anticipated titles didn’t quite pan out as we’d hoped. (I’ll never forgive you, Detective Pikachu. You broke my heart.) Still, there have been more than enough great 2019 films for a mid-year top ten list, with a few extra honorable mentions thrown in.

With the caveat that I missed one or two notable titles that I will catch up with before the end of the year (My bad Transit!), here are my picks, ranked in order of preference...

Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order): AvengementBrightburnThe Kid Who Would Be KingRafiki, Rolling Thunder Revue.

Gallery — The Best Movies of 2018:

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