The 2014 PopCrush Fan Choice Awards are here, where we look back at the best that pop culture had to offer this past year and give you the chance to vote for your favorites in a host of different categories. Here, we're looking at the Best Movie. Which blockbuster made the biggest impact?

Jennifer Lawrence starred in two of our nominees, 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' and David O. Russell dramedy 'American Hustle.' They couldn't be more different: one is a dystopian YA sequel, while the other is a black con artist comedy set in the '70s. But they both killed at the box office, and the latter even earned her more Oscar buzz.

Another YA adaptation, 'The Spectacular Now,' brings more of Oscar nominee Shailene Woodley -- always a good thing -- in a realistic fiction setting. In 'The Way Way Back,' starring Steve Carell vehicle, a 14-year-old found an unexpected pal, while the rest of us found a rather moving afternoon. For the G-rated crowd, 'Frozen,' Disney's adaptation of 'The Snow Queen,' is the most kid friendly of the bunch, but still a flick adults can enjoy.

'The Great Gatsby' was epic: There was opulence, there was money, there was Leonardo DiCaprio! 'Gravity,' which took place in space, was ironically a much smaller scale film, but it made a huge impact on the box office, as well as on the Oscar race for stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.

If terror is your thing? 'The Conjuring' left most of us looking under our beds ... and avoiding creepy dolls and jack-in-the-boxes at all costs.

Which film do you think was the best of 2013? Vote for your favorite in the poll below. The poll closes on Tuesday, February 11 at 10AM ET, so be sure to return to vote again!

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