It was November 24, 2015 when the life of Carlous Wires, Sr. came to an abrupt end, the victim of a gunshot wound. The investigation into the identity of the shooter in Wires death has been on going for the past 18 months and has led to the arrest today of Steven E. Gavin. The Adams County State's Attorney released an official statement today regard Gavin's arrest.  That release is below.


Adams County State’s Attorney Gary Farha in cooperation with Chief Rob Copley and the Quincy Police Department today announced that Steven E. Gavin was arrested and charged with First Degree Murder in connection with the death of Carlous Wires, Sr.

Gary Farha praised the work, dedication and professionalism of the Quincy Police Department.  “The officers went above and beyond the call of duty in their investigation of this case.  They continued to search for answers when it would have been easier to stop looking.  It is important it remember that today is simply the first step in this process.  My office will persist in working to bring closure and justice to Carlous Wires, Sr., his family, and our community.”

Steven Gavin has been charged with four counts of First Degree Murder and one count of Armed Robbery.  He is currently being held on a five million dollar bond in the Adams County Jail.  He is anticipated to make a first appearance on these charges on May 2, 2017 at 10:30 in Courtroom 1A.

These charges, as well as the statements herein, are based upon probable cause and the defendant is presumed innocent unless proven guilty.

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