What a week it has been for people and fabrications.

Armstrong/Getty Images
Armstrong/Getty Images

First there's Lance Armstrong coming "clean" with Oprah Winfrey and now this apparent hoax involving the University of Notre Dame's standout linebacker Manti Te'o's comments that his girlfriend died, which she didn't. Who and what are we to believe these days.

Is anyone telling the truth anymore? Resumes are loaded with falsified information. People embellish almost every story told.  Now with the advent of social media, these stories all get "invigorated" way beyond where they should be.

I tuned into 3 different talk stations this morning and all three were all over the Manti story.  But is it a story?  Who really cares? We have troops dodging bullets and explosives overseas but nobody talks about them.  Some young football stud makes up a story and people go crazy about it.  It's time to get a life and start talking about the things that make a difference in our lives.

A fictitious story from a college kid and a doped up bicyclist isn't worth my ear time and it shouldn't be worth yours either.



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